SEO for YouTube – The Second Biggest Search Engine in the World


YouTube videos are a wonderful tool for getting a quick introduction to a topic, and this short sequence from Owen Video is no different. This WordPress tutorial is a great, basic introduction to SEO and the use of plugins and XML sitemaps to stay on top. As the video states, the world of SEO is a changeable place, so staying current and up to date is crucial. Sites such as are a fantastic resource for staying on top of current affairs in SEO, and is another reason why checking out YouTube tutorials and updates will help you stay ahead of the game.

The tips listed in the video talk about optimising pages on WordPress to ensure high quality page content, followed by an XML sitemap to improve Google’s understanding of the site, before crawling the site to get that ranking nice and high. By using three simple points the video hammers home that these steps are crucial and ones you should be sticking to if your business is going to be high in the SERPs.

Why having regular content updates is important

Regular content is seen as a crucial part of the process. This will ensure you rank favourably. The Yoast plugin from WordPress is a fantastic tool for quickly identifying which pages require work. The colour coded system makes this easy, and by searching keywords you can quickly see which parts of your WordPress site needs work, whether it be the overall content or headings.

Following this optimising, the video launches Google’s XML sitemap. By sending this report to Google, it will re-crawl the website automatically. You can decide where to ping this sitemap too, and you can decide which part of your site you want to include and exclude. In the video, you can see that categories are excluded as this information is not something the user wants to be searched for. Now it is ready to be sent off to Google!


The quick summary at the end is very handy for going over the key points. The focus is on:

• Creating quality content and updating it regularly. Adding new pages to your WordPress site and making sure the Yoast plugin ranks them as good.
• Creating an XML sitemap and ensure that this includes only the information that you want to be searched for.
• Sending this XML sitemap to Google and asking for a crawl so that you can assess the work that you have put in.

This whole process is integral to your SEO practise and should be repeated. By focussing on quality content, and where it leads to your business ranking, you should be successful in making your WordPress page stand out. And like all good sites, this YouTube channel has the ability to subscribe, ask questions and keep abreast of the latest developments. Videos like this are just one way that you can keep in the SEO loop. You can find other ways by following this link.

Dominating Organic Rankings To Grow Your Business

Where Local SEO relies on geographical location to rank websites on search engines, Organic SEO is a more natural process. It’s natural to refer to the use of keywords, page content, link building, analysis and more drive traffic towards a given website. But in the world of Google and Bing, of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, is it harder to become relevant on search rankings? How can you compete with global corporations who throw their financial weight behind paid ads and large scale marketing campaigns? How can Organic SEO consolidate your business in the results page where you want it to be?

Leaning too heavily on social media to drive web traffic can be a risky business. These sites are often inclusive and the guidelines that govern them can swiftly change. By honing your Organic SEO skills – the traditional practise, if you will – you ensure that your site remains flexible and resistant to changing conditions on other sites. Although Google and Bing may occasionally change their algorithms and upset the order, by keeping on top of Organic SEO you are staying ahead of the curve.

The Organic SEO Advantage

The great thing about Organic SEO is that unlike paid Google Ads or sponsored posts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more is that the time and money spent on it is an investment in a sustainable asset. Rather than spending your precious resources on advertising, the correct use of keywords, meta descriptions and more should allow for continued, quality web traffic that does not stop when the money dries up. The visitors to your site are looking for you: they are not being paid to consider coming your way. Organic SEO is powerful as it drives customers to you who are searching for the specifics. The key is making the journey for them as easy for them as possible with search engine optimisation.

This is not to say that utilising other strategies is wrong. Your particular business may benefit massively from the use of your social media profiles and posts. Increased marketability may also lead people to your site. Using Local SEO to garner local traffic can be effective for many businesses, both small and multinational. But the foundation of these strategies is underpinned by the bricks and mortar of solid, Organic SEO. By taking care of the basics and producing high quality and relevant page content, users will find your business. By clever use of meta tags and page titles, you will rank higher. By avoiding spam, repetition and the other careless traps that others fall into, your site will be flooded with traffic from the people you want to be most visible to.

Is Organic SEO a good fit for my business?

Organic SEO is an essential part of online marketing and a great tool at placing you high in SERPs. Used on its own or in conjunction with other marketing strategies it could be the difference between your business being a heavy hitter or a lost cause. Let us know your experiences on dealing with Organic SEO and how it works with your business.

Generating Business Leads With Local SEO

Local SEO is all about focussing your business on your local area. By making the most of online service such as Google My Business (commonly known/used as Google Maps), Foursquare and others, your location can drive traffic to your site and allow you to feature prominently on searches in your community.

For example, if you are a speech therapist in New York with a permanent business address, strong reviews online and opening times listed then you could jump to the top of the pile when somebody types in “New York speech therapist” into their Google search.

So what ways can you ensure that you are top of the tree in searches? What are the drawbacks to Local SEO? What about the relationship with Organic SEO?And what insider tips and tricks can we give you make you successful?

One of the best ways to benefit from search engine optimisation is to take on an SEO agency. We have worked with Tiny Digital as an SEO partner for some time and recommend their SEO agency services, especially if you’re looking for the best SEO Newcastle has to offer.

In the mean time we are here to lend a helping hand!

Firstly, it is important to be aware that Google has recently shifted the goalposts with Local SEO results. So even if you are a seasoned online marketeer, things may have changed since you last worked with Local SEO. In recent years, local search engine results pages (SERPs) listed up to seven local businesses. However, since 2015 Google now only lists the top three local results on SERPs. This makes the marketplace even more competitive and means that users have to keep their information accurate, up to date and relevant too boost their chances of being featured in the top three local results.

Important things to consider for Local SEO

Important aspects of your page to consider for Local SEO on the whole mirror what would be crucial for organic SEO – title tags, meta descriptions, page content, etc. – but with an emphasis on location. Including the location of your business with a page title, for example, is one useful way to build up traffic. Including a map and images that relate to your area is another surefire way to increase your odds. Building up relevant links to your local area is another strategy that would work well.

Google’s own My Business page is also a critical factor in driving the results for your local business. Verifying your page, ensuring that all of your contact and address information is correct and keeping your descriptions and reviews locally centred will all help. Those star ratings and customer testimonials are not just for vanity purposes but for convincing Google – and as such those searching – that your business is viable, vibrant and local! Making sure that all of this information is consistent is another factor. If your company has two different offices, be sure to make this clear so as not to limit your Local SEO ability. Also be sure to keep telephone numbers, email addresses and listings on other sites consistent too.

You can stretch these ideas to other business channels as well. Moving away from your website, social media can be a great way to introduce local keywords that will increase your presence. Even listing your business address in a bio on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram could lead to more positive results, as well as using keywords. All of these factors, along with positive reviews and a solid, attractive online profile should help your business to prosper.

Relationship between Organic SEO and Local SEO

So what about the relationship between Organic and Local SEO? Linking up your website with Google My Business is one solid approach as previously discussed. Making sure that your keywords are topical to your business as well as your geographical location are also essential. There is no sense focussing on local terms in your page content and missing out what your business actually does! Landing pages are one useful way to introduce both Local and Organic SEO; using a city name or area of your given country will aid your quest to be featured at the top of SERPs.

Things to be wary of are making sure that all of the above information is accurate. There is no sense trying to con Google by listing a fake business address. Consistency with information, business category and contact details will also ensure your site is not flagged up as suspicious. You should also be wary that more page space is being taken up by ads, including Local SEO. By staying on top of your information and keeping your site relevant, you should have no problem in guaranteeing your business is the best of the bunch in your area.

Smart Way to Combine Content Marketing and SEO

The infographic shows the large numbers of ways that various outlets and strategies can power your content marketing. My utilising different types of content – from social media to paid directories, from podcasts to PDFs – then you can take your business to the next level. The infographic combines both traditional aspects of marketing, such as press releases, with contemporary strategies such as video marketing and keyword analysis. Lets have a look at some examples and see how they could help your business to market efficiently and effectively.

Example of combining content marketing with SEO

Let us take the example of a beauty products blogger who wants to share her opinions online, as well as tie this into products that she can sell. What tools does she have available to successfully market her content, and what are the relationships between them?

Starting with Social Media, the client would probably look to grow her brand via visual sites such as Pinterest, a Facebook Page (potentially linked with Instagram) and Twitter. By using tutorial videos on popular channels such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo, she would attract an audience as part of the online community. This could even feed into audio submissions and podcasts, although the visual aspect of cosmetics would make photography and video sharing more likely. Paid Ads would be a great way to boost her online presence on social media channels and through Google Adwords.

Then there is the written aspect. If YouTube videos provide the visual cue, written cosmetic blogs on Blogspot, Tumblr and other popular sites would be a great way to build up organic and local SEO. These could drive traffic to her website or be used as the basis of her site, and could be a good spot for relevant links to product deals. Image submissions sites like Imgur and Flickr could be used to get hold of high quality images fast, and business listing sites may increase her presence too.

With all of these social media channels to attend to, a social media management tool such as HootSuite or Klout would consolidate the work into one easy to manage product. Targeting users with an email management system like MailChimp or GetResponse would also improve work flow. For large releases and newsworthy items, a Press Release Submission service would streamline her operations. The infographic lists a number of companies such as PRleap and Free-press-release who can do just that. And for getting into the technical side of her website and monitoring traffic, there are a number of online tools for analysing keywords, link management and more.

Other tips and tricks

This is just one example, but the diagram could be applied to any online business that is looking to make a mark on the web. There are also some handy tips and tricks at the bottom of the page to do even more with your content, such as repurposing an infographic into a videographic. There is also a list of things to avoid, which is particularly useful for SEO novices.

Who We Are And How We Help Digital Marketing Clients

The Webiance Group have been helping customers and clients worldwide since our launch. Our goal is simple: to educate, to support and to allow you to prosper. We have been at the forefront of Search Engine Optimisation for a number of years and our team bring all of our cumulative experience to give our clients a tailored experience that cannot be beaten.

We have helped to produce clear and coherent strategies that have transformed businesses from small online shops with low visibility to thriving, successful operations with scores of daily traffic. We have worked with companies at all levels, from bricks and mortar operations that possessed little interest in their online presence to multinational companies looking to gain a bigger share of a competitive market. We do this with a strong commitment to customer service and making each client – big or small, experienced or novice – feel like they are important. We are passionate about Search Engine Optimisation and about the inner workings of Google, Bing and other search engines. And we want to share that passion with you.

How we can help

By blogging our experiences and sharing our unique insights with you, we want to pull away the curtain and reveal the subject closest to our hearts – SEO. In the online community, with so many smoke and mirrors, with lines of code and technical data, we want to deliver a human aspect to SEO that sets us apart from the crowd. So whether you are discovering SEO for the first time, if you are an industry professional or if you are a client looking for strategy to build your market share, we are here to help. We want to look at the issues that are important to you, to answer the questions that others will not answer, and to give an honest, direct assessment of the digital market place and how it affects us all.

We will engage with other online resources to give an impartial, balanced perspective of SEO. We will examine popular infographics to give you an instant insight into the patterns and particulars that make SEO such an interesting topic. We will also look at other media such as popular YouTube videos that relate to SEO. By working with easy to digest information such as these, we can give quick and simple tips and tricks, as well as dispelling popular myths and taking the fear factor away from SEO. We want you to find SEO as fun and interesting as we do, so by working with other media we think we can make it an unforgettable and stress free experience.

With you every step of the way

We are here to help at every step of the way. So whether this is your first time examining the intricacies of SEO or you have years of Google Adwords research already stowed away at the back of your head, drop us a line and tell us how we can help you. We love to talk about SEO and we would love to hear all of your thoughts, questions and more. So get in touch and tell us what we can do for you.


the company that develops the popular WordPress CMS , have announced a partnership that will lead to the launch of a new low-cost platform designed specifically for the publication of local news.

The communication came directly from Google, which in a blog post announced an investment of 1.2 million Eur or in the creation of the Newspack platform .

Development should start in the coming weeks, with the global launch scheduled for the end of the year. Newspack sets itself the goal of helping journalists to pursue their task: ” publishers should write their articles to be made available to the community, without worrying about designing websites, configuring CMS or e-commerce systems. solve all these problems , “the ad reads.

The new CMS will therefore be designed specifically for news coverage, but a very important aspect is that Newspack will be compatible with all plugins created by the WordPress developer community .

But be careful: as highlighted by the search engine itself, Newspack is not designed to meet the needs of all publishers. It is in fact a platform created to help small publishers, but is specially developed to adhere to the best practices of Google in terms of SEO.

Automattic will work with Sprited Media and News Revenue Hub, to increase the reach of news.

Books on SEO How to Position Your Website on Google

For those who work on the web, would like to approach this world or simply have a site and want to have visibility, SEO is an indispensable activity, but what is it and how is it implemented? Experimenting in this field is of fundamental importance, but before applying any technique it is necessary to study the topic and look for current and updated information.

If you are looking for a manual that effectively introduces you to the world of SEO with lots of interesting ideas and insights you should read the book ” SEO For WordPress: Guide to the Optimization of a Site for Search Engines ” by Valerio Novelli.

What is SEO Why is it Important?
The SEO, acronym of Search Engine Optimization , is that set of activities and strategies that are planned and put in place in order to position a website or a specific content on search engines.

The goal of SEO is to get more visibility by improving the position of a website on the search engine results page. When we search for information, news or specific content, for example on Google, most of the time we choose and click on one of the first results.

Hardly a user goes beyond the first page of Google , and it is precisely here that all websites would like to position themselves. The first page of search engines offers such a great visibility that the competition to position itself among the first results is ruthless!

Hence the need to adopt the best SEO strategies , relying on professionals or learning from those who have made available their knowledge and experience gained over the years in the field.

Valerio Novelli founder and author of® , a blog that since 2008 is a reference point for those who want to learn how to work and earn online, has just launched his latest book “SEO For WordPress Basic Guide”.

You find it on Amazon among the books dedicated to information technology and internet.

Books on SEO
Online you can find several books dedicated to SEO that address the topic in more or less depth. These include “SEO and SEM” by Marco Maltraversi, “the Art of SEO” by Nereo Sciutto and Enrico Chiodino, “SEO Google” by Francesco De Nobili and “SEO for WordPress” by Valerio Novelli. The SEO manual of Valerio Novelli, published at the beginning of 2019 is the latest news available on Amazon. The book deals with the topic in several aspects, giving a complete overview of all the main techniques and activities useful for optimizing a website for search engines.

A manual of SEO practice in which there are several contributions from professionals, including Isan Hydi , Claudio Marchetti , Stefano Schirru , Claudio Fiorentino , Fabrizio Leo , Emanuele Tolomei and the SEOZoom team , made in Italy suite essential for those who want to do SEO, which allows among the various functions to analyze traffic volumes and the trend of the keywords, as well as the study of competitors.

The insights in the book guide the reader in learning SEO strategies, providing different ideas to put directly into practice. Who is SEO for WordPress addressed to? Valerio Novelli’s book deals with the SEO topic in a clear and complete way, analyzing in detail the steps to follow to position a blog or website, based on CMS WordPress, on a search engine such as Google.

Scaling the SERP, acronym of Search Engine Results Page, or the page of the search engine results, and position itself among the first organic results (ie those not paid) is necessary to have visibility and intercept your audience.

Bringing traffic to a site or a blog is a useful activity to increase the conversion rate, but you must have a clear and effective strategy for the visits to turn into conversions. The text also includes a glossary of the terms and abbreviations most used in SEO, to introduce less experienced readers to this world.