Hi there, my name is Matt Baker. I am an SEO professional and the Managing Director of Webiance Group. I decided to use my wealth of experience in the world of SEO and let others in on the tips and tricks that have powered me onto success. By giving you an insight into how the Webiance Group operates and how SEO drives our business forward, I aim to help others grow their own online presence and build their business.

At Webiance Group, we provide the best and most current advice available on SEO, including both local and organic results. We are a leading voice in the world of SEO and as owner and editor in chief, I am your first port of call for all of the experience we have to offer. Our work in SEO stretches globally and as such we can offer an expertise and perspective like no other on this fascinating field. Our expert team have helped businesses across the world to develop SEO strategies and we take our work incredibly seriously.

So how can I help? By blogging my experiences, I aim to take you step by step on my SEO journey. I want to create content that delivers you a unique insight into how we at Webiance Group work, as well as giving you specialist information that I have acquired through years of work. I want to engage with readers in as many ways as possible. Whether this is through examining all that Google and other search engines have to offer, or by working with other content such as infographics and YouTube, I want to speak to professionals of all abilities. By passing on my knowledge and passion for SEO, I hope that you too will come to realise the benefits.