the company that develops the popular WordPress CMS , have announced a partnership that will lead to the launch of a new low-cost platform designed specifically for the publication of local news.

The communication came directly from Google, which in a blog post announced an investment of 1.2 million Eur or in the creation of the Newspack platform .

Development should start in the coming weeks, with the global launch scheduled for the end of the year. Newspack sets itself the goal of helping journalists to pursue their task: ” publishers should write their articles to be made available to the community, without worrying about designing websites, configuring CMS or e-commerce systems. solve all these problems , “the ad reads.

The new CMS will therefore be designed specifically for news coverage, but a very important aspect is that Newspack will be compatible with all plugins created by the WordPress developer community .

But be careful: as highlighted by the search engine itself, Newspack is not designed to meet the needs of all publishers. It is in fact a platform created to help small publishers, but is specially developed to adhere to the best practices of Google in terms of SEO.

Automattic will work with Sprited Media and News Revenue Hub, to increase the reach of news.

Books on SEO How to Position Your Website on Google

For those who work on the web, would like to approach this world or simply have a site and want to have visibility, SEO is an indispensable activity, but what is it and how is it implemented? Experimenting in this field is of fundamental importance, but before applying any technique it is necessary to study the topic and look for current and updated information.

If you are looking for a manual that effectively introduces you to the world of SEO with lots of interesting ideas and insights you should read the book ” SEO For WordPress: Guide to the Optimization of a Site for Search Engines ” by Valerio Novelli.

What is SEO Why is it Important?
The SEO, acronym of Search Engine Optimization , is that set of activities and strategies that are planned and put in place in order to position a website or a specific content on search engines.

The goal of SEO is to get more visibility by improving the position of a website on the search engine results page. When we search for information, news or specific content, for example on Google, most of the time we choose and click on one of the first results.

Hardly a user goes beyond the first page of Google , and it is precisely here that all websites would like to position themselves. The first page of search engines offers such a great visibility that the competition to position itself among the first results is ruthless!

Hence the need to adopt the best SEO strategies , relying on professionals or learning from those who have made available their knowledge and experience gained over the years in the field.

Valerio Novelli founder and author of Monetizzando.comĀ® , a blog that since 2008 is a reference point for those who want to learn how to work and earn online, has just launched his latest book “SEO For WordPress Basic Guide”.

You find it on Amazon among the books dedicated to information technology and internet.

Books on SEO
Online you can find several books dedicated to SEO that address the topic in more or less depth. These include “SEO and SEM” by Marco Maltraversi, “the Art of SEO” by Nereo Sciutto and Enrico Chiodino, “SEO Google” by Francesco De Nobili and “SEO for WordPress” by Valerio Novelli. The SEO manual of Valerio Novelli, published at the beginning of 2019 is the latest news available on Amazon. The book deals with the topic in several aspects, giving a complete overview of all the main techniques and activities useful for optimizing a website for search engines.

A manual of SEO practice in which there are several contributions from professionals, including Isan Hydi , Claudio Marchetti , Stefano Schirru , Claudio Fiorentino , Fabrizio Leo , Emanuele Tolomei and the SEOZoom team , made in Italy suite essential for those who want to do SEO, which allows among the various functions to analyze traffic volumes and the trend of the keywords, as well as the study of competitors.

The insights in the book guide the reader in learning SEO strategies, providing different ideas to put directly into practice. Who is SEO for WordPress addressed to? Valerio Novelli’s book deals with the SEO topic in a clear and complete way, analyzing in detail the steps to follow to position a blog or website, based on CMS WordPress, on a search engine such as Google.

Scaling the SERP, acronym of Search Engine Results Page, or the page of the search engine results, and position itself among the first organic results (ie those not paid) is necessary to have visibility and intercept your audience.

Bringing traffic to a site or a blog is a useful activity to increase the conversion rate, but you must have a clear and effective strategy for the visits to turn into conversions. The text also includes a glossary of the terms and abbreviations most used in SEO, to introduce less experienced readers to this world.