Where Local SEO relies on geographical location to rank websites on search engines, Organic SEO is a more natural process. It’s natural to refer to the use of keywords, page content, link building, analysis and more drive traffic towards a given website. But in the world of Google and Bing, of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, is it harder to become relevant on search rankings? How can you compete with global corporations who throw their financial weight behind paid ads and large scale marketing campaigns? How can Organic SEO consolidate your business in the results page where you want it to be?

Leaning too heavily on social media to drive web traffic can be a risky business. These sites are often inclusive and the guidelines that govern them can swiftly change. By honing your Organic SEO skills – the traditional practise, if you will – you ensure that your site remains flexible and resistant to changing conditions on other sites. Although Google and Bing may occasionally change their algorithms and upset the order, by keeping on top of Organic SEO you are staying ahead of the curve.

The Organic SEO Advantage

The great thing about Organic SEO is that unlike paid Google Ads or sponsored posts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more is that the time and money spent on it is an investment in a sustainable asset. Rather than spending your precious resources on advertising, the correct use of keywords, meta descriptions and more should allow for continued, quality web traffic that does not stop when the money dries up. The visitors to your site are looking for you: they are not being paid to consider coming your way. Organic SEO is powerful as it drives customers to you who are searching for the specifics. The key is making the journey for them as easy for them as possible with search engine optimisation.

This is not to say that utilising other strategies is wrong. Your particular business may benefit massively from the use of your social media profiles and posts. Increased marketability may also lead people to your site. Using Local SEO to garner local traffic can be effective for many businesses, both small and multinational. But the foundation of these strategies is underpinned by the bricks and mortar of solid, Organic SEO. By taking care of the basics and producing high quality and relevant page content, users will find your business. By clever use of meta tags and page titles, you will rank higher. By avoiding spam, repetition and the other careless traps that others fall into, your site will be flooded with traffic from the people you want to be most visible to.

Is Organic SEO a good fit for my business?

Organic SEO is an essential part of online marketing and a great tool at placing you high in SERPs. Used on its own or in conjunction with other marketing strategies it could be the difference between your business being a heavy hitter or a lost cause. Let us know your experiences on dealing with Organic SEO and how it works with your business.

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