the company that develops the popular WordPress CMS , have announced a partnership that will lead to the launch of a new low-cost platform designed specifically for the publication of local news.

The communication came directly from Google, which in a blog post announced an investment of 1.2 million Eur or in the creation of the Newspack platform .

Development should start in the coming weeks, with the global launch scheduled for the end of the year. Newspack sets itself the goal of helping journalists to pursue their task: ” publishers should write their articles to be made available to the community, without worrying about designing websites, configuring CMS or e-commerce systems. solve all these problems , “the ad reads.

The new CMS will therefore be designed specifically for news coverage, but a very important aspect is that Newspack will be compatible with all plugins created by the WordPress developer community .

But be careful: as highlighted by the search engine itself, Newspack is not designed to meet the needs of all publishers. It is in fact a platform created to help small publishers, but is specially developed to adhere to the best practices of Google in terms of SEO.

Automattic will work with Sprited Media and News Revenue Hub, to increase the reach of news.

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