YouTube videos are a wonderful tool for getting a quick introduction to a topic, and this short sequence from Owen Video is no different. This WordPress tutorial is a great, basic introduction to SEO and the use of plugins and XML sitemaps to stay on top. As the video states, the world of SEO is a changeable place, so staying current and up to date is crucial. Sites such as are a fantastic resource for staying on top of current affairs in SEO, and is another reason why checking out YouTube tutorials and updates will help you stay ahead of the game.

The tips listed in the video talk about optimising pages on WordPress to ensure high quality page content, followed by an XML sitemap to improve Google’s understanding of the site, before crawling the site to get that ranking nice and high. By using three simple points the video hammers home that these steps are crucial and ones you should be sticking to if your business is going to be high in the SERPs.

Why having regular content updates is important

Regular content is seen as a crucial part of the process. This will ensure you rank favourably. The Yoast plugin from WordPress is a fantastic tool for quickly identifying which pages require work. The colour coded system makes this easy, and by searching keywords you can quickly see which parts of your WordPress site needs work, whether it be the overall content or headings.

Following this optimising, the video launches Google’s XML sitemap. By sending this report to Google, it will re-crawl the website automatically. You can decide where to ping this sitemap too, and you can decide which part of your site you want to include and exclude. In the video, you can see that categories are excluded as this information is not something the user wants to be searched for. Now it is ready to be sent off to Google!


The quick summary at the end is very handy for going over the key points. The focus is on:

• Creating quality content and updating it regularly. Adding new pages to your WordPress site and making sure the Yoast plugin ranks them as good.
• Creating an XML sitemap and ensure that this includes only the information that you want to be searched for.
• Sending this XML sitemap to Google and asking for a crawl so that you can assess the work that you have put in.

This whole process is integral to your SEO practise and should be repeated. By focussing on quality content, and where it leads to your business ranking, you should be successful in making your WordPress page stand out. And like all good sites, this YouTube channel has the ability to subscribe, ask questions and keep abreast of the latest developments. Videos like this are just one way that you can keep in the SEO loop. You can find other ways by following this link.

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