The infographic shows the large numbers of ways that various outlets and strategies can power your content marketing. My utilising different types of content – from social media to paid directories, from podcasts to PDFs – then you can take your business to the next level. The infographic combines both traditional aspects of marketing, such as press releases, with contemporary strategies such as video marketing and keyword analysis. Lets have a look at some examples and see how they could help your business to market efficiently and effectively.

Example of combining content marketing with SEO

Let us take the example of a beauty products blogger who wants to share her opinions online, as well as tie this into products that she can sell. What tools does she have available to successfully market her content, and what are the relationships between them?

Starting with Social Media, the client would probably look to grow her brand via visual sites such as Pinterest, a Facebook Page (potentially linked with Instagram) and Twitter. By using tutorial videos on popular channels such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo, she would attract an audience as part of the online community. This could even feed into audio submissions and podcasts, although the visual aspect of cosmetics would make photography and video sharing more likely. Paid Ads would be a great way to boost her online presence on social media channels and through Google Adwords.

Then there is the written aspect. If YouTube videos provide the visual cue, written cosmetic blogs on Blogspot, Tumblr and other popular sites would be a great way to build up organic and local SEO. These could drive traffic to her website or be used as the basis of her site, and could be a good spot for relevant links to product deals. Image submissions sites like Imgur and Flickr could be used to get hold of high quality images fast, and business listing sites may increase her presence too.

With all of these social media channels to attend to, a social media management tool such as HootSuite or Klout would consolidate the work into one easy to manage product. Targeting users with an email management system like MailChimp or GetResponse would also improve work flow. For large releases and newsworthy items, a Press Release Submission service would streamline her operations. The infographic lists a number of companies such as PRleap and Free-press-release who can do just that. And for getting into the technical side of her website and monitoring traffic, there are a number of online tools for analysing keywords, link management and more.

Other tips and tricks

This is just one example, but the diagram could be applied to any online business that is looking to make a mark on the web. There are also some handy tips and tricks at the bottom of the page to do even more with your content, such as repurposing an infographic into a videographic. There is also a list of things to avoid, which is particularly useful for SEO novices.

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